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The Associação Universidade em Rede (UniRede), a Consortium constituted by public higher education institutions, and Universidade Federal do Piauí will promote the XVI Brazilian Congress of Higher Distance Education (ESUD) and the V International Congress of Higher Distance Education (CIESUD). The events have as partners: Universidade Estadual do Piauí, Instituto Federal do Piauí, Centro Universitário Uninovafapi, Governo do Estado do Piauí and Fadex. They will be in Teresina, PI, from November 26 to November 29, 2019, having as their main theme “Responsibilities and Challenges for the consolidation of DE”.

The events have as their basic premise addressing the theme: the responsibilities and challenges of distance education in Brazil, in order to consolidate and improve the quality of this type of education. They resort to a dialogue with students, teachers, national and international researchers, studies and researches, and to the teaching-learning process experience. The theme was structured in the following areas of debate: a) Public Policies, Institutionalization, Administrative and Financial Management of DE; b) Curriculum and teacher training; c) Educational Practices and Learning Networks; d) Research and Extension; e) Technologies: uses and appropriations.

Thus, the Congresses (ESUD and CIESUD) configure themselves as motivating events of high relevance to the scientific field. They also aim to strengthen distance education public policies and share different and innovative experiences in the use of digital technologies in the construction of teaching and learning.

Current Shedule

May 20th - Call for Papers Submission Opening.

June 16th to September 15th - Call for Papers Submission Period.

07/21 to 09/01 - 1st Registration Period.

02/09 to 15/10 - 2nd Registration Period.

10/16 to 11/25 - 3rd Registration Period.

October 16 - Results assessment divulgation to the authors.

October 17th to 30th - Final submission of the accepted papers and the banner file. October 30 - Deadline for at least one of the authors to register.

26 to 29 November - Realization of the XVI ESUD and V CIESUD.